We live in a borderless world where people are free to move around as they wish. It’s high time financial services caught up.

Cendit is a new, more effective and cheaper way of socially sending money at home and abroad. In addition, its infrastructure has been designed so that its functionality can then be extended to offer a new more flexible way of banking in the 21st century.  

Through Cendit's social money transfer network, consumers will have the benefit of:
  • - A far cheaper way to move their money all over the world
  • - Removal of the high fees put in place by the banks and foreign exchange industry
  • - Elimination of unnecessary penalties when transferring funds
  • - Access to further financial services

Money can be sent between Cendit users, via text message and email or with just a simple click on Twitter. The money transfers instantly along with any other information necessary for the transaction.

With relationships with some of the world's biggest banks and institutions, Cendit is the next step for finance, making your money social. 

Send support, send love, send security. 

Cendit: Sending more than money!
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Cendit is not yet a bank, but we will be soon. In the mean time we've registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 900515 to issue Electronic Money. We're also registered in England & Wales 9412124 and with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) ZA097344.
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